How I balance the feminine and masculine energies of my human design chart

How I balance the feminine and masculine energies of my human design chart

Balancing Feminine and Masculine Energies in human design: A guide to harmonizing your energy Lately, I’ve been experimenting with truly honoring both the feminine and masculine energies of my human design chart, and I’ve felt more in flow and at peace in doing so than I have in a very long time. As someone who […]

How I transformed my content creation with human design

How I transformed my content creation with human design

Unlocking content creation: How I transformed my approach with human design Content creation used to be something I struggled with a lot. I would overthink what I wanted to say, try to follow what other people were doing and seeing success with, or feel like I had to create ridiculous videos in order to receive any […]

How I booked out my business by aligning my marketing to my human design

Transforming your marketing with human design Recently, I underwent a shift in my marketing, based on a deeper exploration into my own human design chart, and the results made me wish I had done this a whole lot sooner. You see, I always knew how I was meant to show up in my marketing as […]

How I run my business as a projector mom working only six hours a week

Projector mom

Effective Time Management for a Projector Mom A trend I have been noticing among my clients as of late is how to manage their time in a way that’s effective for them, while still also honouring the ebbs and flows of their energy. And as a projector mom with two kids often home with me, […]

The power of your energetic brand in human design

Creating an energetic brand by aligning with your human design

Crafting Your Energetic Brand with Human Design In a world where personal branding is vital, have you thought about aligning your energetic brand with your true essence? Human Design offers a way to understand yourself deeply and create a brand that truly reflects who you are. Not only does the human design system give you […]

Five tips to help in your deconditioning journey

I was on a client call the other day, with someone who reminded me a lot of myself when I was first learning about human design. She knew she was out of alignment in a lot of areas in her life, because she had been conditioned to act against her natural energy and design. The […]

Letting go of people pleasing by human design type

I’ve noticed a trend lately among my clients, no matter their type. ​ Many of them struggle with people pleasing. ​ ❌Saying yes to things they don’t really want to do. ​ ❌Feeling guilty or bad about enforcing/setting boundaries. ​ ❌Feeling that they need to DO more to be worthy. ​ Since it’s become so […]

Why is understanding your human design important anyways?

It’s no secret around here that I’m pretty obsessed with human design, but it wasn’t always that way. The very first time I had heard of human design, I chalked it up to something similar to a personality test. I think I had looked up my human design chart, decided it was way too complicated, and […]

How integrating human design into your business can save you money

Let’s chat about something we ALL want to save more of- money! I  was working with a client recently who was struggling with no longer feeling excited about things she was doing in her business. She had spent many months building out a course and working with someone to create it, but the thought of […]