How I transformed my content creation with human design

How I transformed my content creation with human design

Unlocking content creation: How I transformed my approach with human design

Content creation used to be something I struggled with a lot. I would overthink what I wanted to say, try to follow what other people were doing and seeing success with, or feel like I had to create ridiculous videos in order to receive any traction. I got hung up on likes and vanity metrics that really weren’t moving me forward, and began to dread and resent having to use social media at all.

And now, creating content for my audience feels fun and easy, because I finally learned how to lean into my natural strengths in my human design chart in my marketing.

The turning point: embracing my unique human design in content creation

Without this insight, I believe I would still be stuck in a cycle of comparison, following others’ step-by-step frameworks, and ultimately diluting my voice in content creation.

Let me explain:

Finding clarity in content creation:

Instead of looking to what other’s are doing online, I leaned into what I was feeling called towards. I allowed myself the space for clarity to come, guided by my active Channel 64-47 – Channel of Clarity. Although this channel sometimes leads to overthinking, I’ve learned to wait out the confusion, trusting that the right path will reveal itself.

​Embracing curiosity in content creation:

I realized that outside of what anyone else was doing, I wanted to spend less time “creating content” in the form of long captions and videos. I’ve always enjoyed writing and know a lot about website development and SEO – so I got curious about the best way to use this to my advantage – one of the gifts of my active channel 11-56 – the Channel of Curiosity.

​Taking action in content creation:

Discovering that Pinterest, blogging, and Threads aligned better with my interests, I transitioned away from Instagram. This shift from complacency to action is thanks to my active Channel 25-51 – the Channel of Competition.

​Leveraging my natural gifts in content creation

In my current marketing efforts, I focus on using the natural gifts of these channels for content creation. I focus on storytelling, sharing my learning journey, and improving strategies.

Now, I’m no longer stuck trying to figure out what to write each day. If I’m feeling stuck, I simply pull up my copy of my Master your Marketing with Human Design guide to refresh myself on the gifts I already have innate within me. And it makes it 10x easier and more enjoyable.

If you’re ready to start feeling confident in the content you’re putting out there, showing up on social media regularly and knowing exactly what you want to say with your content creation, then grab your copy of your Master your Marketing with Human Design Guide to get started.

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