How I booked out my business by aligning my marketing to my human design

Transforming your marketing with human design

Recently, I underwent a shift in my marketing, based on a deeper exploration into my own human design chart, and the results made me wish I had done this a whole lot sooner.

You see, I always knew how I was meant to show up in my marketing as a projector and a 6/2 profile. But I began experimenting with diving even deeper by incorporating the gifts from my active channels into my marketing – and that took things to another level.

Clarity in Direction (Channel 64-47: Channel of Clarity)

First, I allowed myself the time and space for clarity to come through in which direction I wanted to take my business and my marketing. I had been feeling confused, and getting in my head over what I wanted to be doing- but I knew that I had to let the clarity on the best direction for me emerge over time.

Perfection in Improvement (Channel 18-58: Channel of Perfection)

When clarity came, it led me to improve what wasn’t working. I turned my critical eye for improvement towards my current and previous marketing efforts. I realized that what I had been doing was draining me, and it also wasn’t leading to the results it used to.

Curiosity in Innovation (Channel 11-56: Channel of Curiosity)

So, I decided to get curious about what would work. This curiosity led me to Pinterest and to shift my storytelling approach in my marketing to my blog on my website. Even though I was hearing a lot of noise about how Instagram reels specifically were the way to grow your business, I decided to focus on forcing myself out of complacency and into action and innovation.

Competition in Action (Channel 25-51: Channel of Competition)

This channel helped me focus on action and innovation, driving me to try new strategies despite the popular trends.

Results of marketing according to my Human design

✨ My email subscribers are up 122% with fewer unsubscribes

✨ I’ve 6xd my reach through Pinterest & increased my web traffic

✨ I booked out my 1:1 Reenergize your Business with Human Design sessions

✨ Made money passively while sleeping

Andddd it’s all felt so much more fun, easy & enjoyable!

Master your Marketing with Human Design

I am going to teach you exactly how to take YOUR unique gifts from your active channels and apply it to your marketing too in my Master your Marketing with Human Design guide.

Here’s just a few of the areas you can expect support on in the 54 pages:

  • How to market yourself effectively, based on your human design type
  • How to use your unique profile gifts to market yourself authentically and effortlessly
  • How to use your chart’s active channels to highlight your unique marketing gifts, ensuring your efforts are aligned, authentic, and resonate deeply with your audience


Grab your copy today and get ready for it to become so much easier to attract your ideal clients!

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