How I balance the feminine and masculine energies of my human design chart

How I balance the feminine and masculine energies of my human design chart

Balancing Feminine and Masculine Energies in human design: A guide to harmonizing your energy

Lately, I’ve been experimenting with truly honoring both the feminine and masculine energies of my human design chart, and I’ve felt more in flow and at peace in doing so than I have in a very long time.

As someone who was deeply conditioned to operate more in my masculine energy—focused on being productive, logical, and driven—learning that I am a projector and a quad right (meaning all four of my arrows point to the right and align with feminine energy) has been a challenge. Balancing both energies has required significant adjustment.

The experiment: integrating more feminine energy into my day-to-day

Here’s what I’ve been experimenting with and how it has helped me both in my day-to-day and business life:

Embracing feminine energy

  • Daily Meditation Practice:
    • Prioritizing meditation before work calms my overthinking, especially with a defined crown, and helps me hear my splenic authority more easily.
  • Money Mindset Program:
    • Trusting my splenic authority led me to a money mindset program, despite my logical mind’s resistance.
  • Following Energetic Rhythms:
    • With an undefined sacral center as a projector, I honor my energy’s natural ebb and flow, letting go of the urge to always be doing more.
  • Weekly Breathwork Practice:
    • Breathwork calms my mind and often brings intuitive insights.
  • Cycle Syncing:
    • I’ve started learning more about cycle syncing and starting to incorporate that into my life as well. This aligns with my love of learning as a projector.
  • Allowing Help:
    • Hiring out tasks outside my zone of genius allows me to focus deeply on my work without doing everything myself (which is so important as a projector, as we’re not designed to do all the work ourselves)

Leveraging Masculine Energy

  1. Data Analysis and Product Creation:
    • Analyzing data, identifying trends, and creating products around those patterns taps into my projector nature and takes advantage of the logical, analytical capabilities of my defined ajna center.
  2. Reworking my business model:
    • Adjusting my funnel and business model to align with my energy as a projector facilitates more passive income, allowing for me to be more feminine energy later. I take advantage of the energy from my defined root and will center to help see this project through.
  3. Planning and Scheduling:
    • With an undefined sacral center, I focus on planning and scheduling in a way that respects my energy levels. This involves maintaining a regular content schedule for my email list, blog, and Pinterest account, without overcommitting to tasks that drain my energy.

The Balance: Feminine and Masculine Energies in Business

As you can see, I have been more in my feminine energy lately, which is a huge deconditioning win for me as I never used to be that way. However, balancing both energies is essential for growing your business and manifesting your desires.

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