How I run my business as a projector mom working only six hours a week

Projector mom

Effective Time Management for a Projector Mom

A trend I have been noticing among my clients as of late is how to manage their time in a way that’s effective for them, while still also honouring the ebbs and flows of their energy.

And as a projector mom with two kids often home with me, I can completely understand that #thestruggleisreal sometimes.

I’ve had to figure out the best way to get things done in limited windows of time, while also still honouring my energy to not get burned out. Here’s what I’ve found to be effective for me as a projector mom.

Adjusting my business model

To better align with my energy levels, I changed my business model to be more focused on digital products. While I still offer readings, blueprints, and strategy sessions, these are now extremely limited. This shift has allowed me to manage my time more effectively and reduce the stress of overcommitting.

Prioritizing recharging

I make it a priority to do something to recharge myself FIRST before diving into work during nap time. Often, my working time (aka nap times) doesn’t align with my energy peak. To address this, I focus on doing something that energizes me once the kiddos are down, whether that’s a quick meditation, a workout, or even a bath. This practice helps me maintain my productivity and energy levels throughout the day.

Revamping marketing strategies to align with being a projector mom

I revamped my marketing strategies by eliminating tasks that drained me and trying something different. Now, I spend the  majority of my marketing efforts on Pinterest. This new approach has been more enjoyable and considerably more effective for me, helping me reach a broader audience with less effort.

Customizing your business approach

If you want to dive deeper into what would work best for you in YOUR business to ensure you’re able to be productive but also still ENJOY your business, my Reenergize Your Business with Human Design sessions are perfect for creating a customized action plan based on your human design chart and natural strengths.

Getting started with human design

If you’re newer to human design, and looking to integrate it into your business, my Ultimate Guide to Growing your Business with Human Design is a great option to get started for only $37. This guide will help you understand how to align your business strategies with your unique human design, ensuring you operate at your best.

By focusing on these strategies, you can manage your time more effectively as a projector mom, honoring your natural energy rhythms while maintaining productivity and enjoyment in your business.


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