Love Languages by Human Design Type

One of the things I love about human design is how it can create a deeper understanding of the people in our life who we’re close to.

If you’ve heard of the five love languages before, you know that we all express love differently. There is an energetic way to express love as well, based on how each individual was uniquely designed.

With my hubby as a manifesting generator, and myself as a projector, I’ve had to learn what he needs to feel encouraged and loved, and vice versa. Having this understanding of each other means we have been able to deepen our relationship, and are able to recognize when the other is in or out of alignment with their design.

I’ve put together a bit of a cheat sheet for each type so you can know exactly what each type needs to feel loved and appreciated.

Projector: Share words of affirmation and invite them to share their perspective. A projector needs to be recognized for their innate talents and gifts. Help them to create space to rest and recharge.

Generator: Perform acts of service and take things off their plate, leaving them time to do things that truly light them up.

Manifesting Generator: Understand their need to change directions when something that used to light them up no longer does. Encourage them to go where they feel lit up and excited.

Manifestor: Allow them the freedom they need to do things their own way. Help them to see the power they have.

Reflector: Honour the ebbs and flows of their energy and encourage them to be in nature or an environment that feels good to them.

I hope you find these tips helpful for ALL of your relationships!

And if you’re feeling like you could benefit from a deeper understanding of someone in your life (partner, child, or someone else!) I’m now offering customized Partner/Family soul map blueprints.

The partner or family soul map blueprint will examine in depth the differences and similarities in the energy types of you and another person to ensure a deeper understanding of each other.

You’ll learn:

  • › Your different energy levels and how to support and understand each other in your differences.
  • › How each person should make decisions for themselves, and how you can assist each other in doing so.
  • › How to tell when you’re each living in alignment, or when you might be out of alignment in your lives.
  • › Your love languages, and how to make sure each person feels loved, secure and understood.
  • › How to empower each other to live in the way you each were authentically designed to be (especially important for parent/child relationships)


You can get all the details about the Partner or Family Soul Maps here! 

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