You’re ready to understand someone in your
life on a deeper level.

Whether it be your partner, child or someone else you work closely with, you want to learn how you can support each other to live in a way that is authentic to each of your unique energy.
Maybe you feel like you just don’t quite GET each other. You can’t understand why your teenage son is so lazy, and he’s fed up with you always nagging him to do things on your timeline.

What you might not realize is that your son is a projector, and is not actually lazy, but he doesn’t have access to the same amount of energy you have as a generator. He also doesn’t have a defined root center and is actually living in alignment with his design when he allows pressure to build up before he completes a task

In relationships of any sort, we run into trouble when we’re unable to honour the other person’s strengths and differences or understand how we’re each uniquely designed to navigate the world.

This is where the partner or family soul map comes into play.

When I first discovered human design, right away I could see the benefits it would have in understanding people in your life on a deeper level. And when I realized you could take it a step further and combine two charts to create a Connection Chart that shows the energy you have access to when you’re together, I knew this was something that would be so valuable to a lot of people.

Prior to discovering human design, my hubby and I would often have misunderstandings because we just didn’t fully get each other. I remember getting so frustrated with him when I felt like he could never make up his mind on anything – until I realized that he’s a Manifesting Generator and is naturally multipassionate, so he is may change his mind often.

When we both started to understand how we were naturally designed to be, we were able to realize how we can support each other with the access to energy that we each have and know when to give each other space based on our unique human design.

Diving deeper

The partner or family soul map blueprint will examine in depth the differences and similarities in the energy types of you and another person to ensure a deeper understanding of each other.

You’ll learn:

  • › Your different energy levels and how to support and understand each other in your differences.
  • › How each person should make decisions for themselves, and how you can assist each other in doing so.
  • › How to tell when you’re each living in alignment, or when you might be out of alignment in your lives.
  • Your love languages, and how to make sure each person feels loved, secure and understood.
  • How to empower each other to live in the way you each were authentically designed to be (especially important for parent/child relationships)

How it works:

In the Partner/Family Soul Map, your chart is combined with the chart of anyone else of your choosing. It will show the energy of how the two of you can interact, which will be explored in depth in the guide. You’ll learn about your individual types and how to support each other in your differences, your unique authorities, strategies, profiles, connection channels, and an in-depth exploration of the 9 energy centers and your similarities and differences in energy.


Includes 40+ page customized PDF


Includes 40+ page customized PDF & a 45 minute partner session via Zoom

“Wow! This has really opened my eyes to how differently my son and I were designed. I truly thought he was just being a lazy teenager a lot of the time, but now I realize that his energy level is actually so different to mine. I’ve completely changed my approach in how I deal with him, and knowing how wise he is as a projector, I’ve started asking for his opinion on things a lot more. He seems to really enjoy that, and I can feel our relationship getting stronger. Thank you so much for this insight!”

Your next steps:

  • › Order your customized Partner or Family Soul Map
  • › Fill out the intake form that you’ll receive in an email with your receipt *Exact birth details will be required for each person in order to have the most accurate reading.
  • › Your customized Partner/Family Soul Map will be sent to you within 7-10 business days and you’ll be sent a link to book your partner session!

Includes 40+ page customized PDF


Includes 40+ page customized PDF & a 45 minute partner session via Zoom