The 6 Lines in Human Design: Business Edition

Today we’re going to dive a bit deeper into your human design chart by chatting about the 6 lines in human design and how that can relate to your business.

On your chart, you will see what is called a profile. Your profile is a portrait of your primary way of being and orientation in life. It is the theme of how you learn and how you will travel on your life path. You can see an example of what this looks like below:

An example of a human design profile

Everyone will have a profile that will contain 2 different lines, in a specific combination, paired to create one of 12 different profiles.

While I love understanding the 5 different types in human design, understanding your profile is really what dives deeper into the essence of who you are. You may find that you know other people of the same type, but actually relate more to those with the same profile as you (even if they’re a different type).

Here is some information on each of the 6 lines, and how they may show up in your business. Pay special attention to the two that are part of your profile!

Line 1 -The Investigator: You are someone who is very curious by nature, which means in business, you’ll want to know everything you can about whatever it is that you’re doing. To feel confident, you would need to feel like you have all the facts & information so you can feel secure in what you’re sharing.

Line 2 – The Hermit: You are someone who loves time to yourself, so in business it would be so important for you to have time where you work alone around your own natural rhythm. You have natural talents that are inherent to you, but you likely don’t even realize what they are. Take someone at their word when they tell you how amazing you are and make sure you incorporate these natural gifts into your business.

Line 3 – The Martyr: You learn by experimenting – you are meant to try things and figure things out for yourself. In business, this means you just need to get out and try everything – you learn through trial and error and are constantly seeking to improve. There are no mistakes with you – this is simply an opportunity for you to master what DOES work.

Line 4 – The Opportunist: Relationships are huge for you, so creating a strong community in your business is important for you. You have a natural friendliness that draws people to you, so keep showing up as your authentic self and focus on relating to your audience on a deeper level.

Line 5 – The Heretic: You are someone who can easily connect with a lot of people. In business, you’re more likely to influence strangers. You serve as a mirror for people which means that people see in you what they want to see. You want to show your audience that you can help them solve their problems.

Line 6 – The Role Model: You are someone who can see ahead – you can see what others can’t yet. In business, this means you are meant to model the path we are all headed towards. Like the 5th line, you are meant to influence strangers through your marketing efforts. Remember your long-term vision.

If you want to dive deeper into your profile and how it can assist you in business, this is something I cover in depth in my Soul Map Business Blueprint and Strategy Session, and it’s also something we dive into more deeply when we work together in my Human Design + Your Biz 1:1 Intensive: Creating a profitable business aligned to your design.




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