Letting go of people pleasing by human design type

I’ve noticed a trend lately among my clients, no matter their type.

Many of them struggle with people pleasing.

❌Saying yes to things they don’t really want to do.

❌Feeling guilty or bad about enforcing/setting boundaries.

❌Feeling that they need to DO more to be worthy.

Since it’s become so prevalent, I thought I’d put together a cheat sheet of what this might look like for each type, so you can be aware of when you’re falling into doing things because you think you “should” in order to make others happy (aka, people pleasing) and how you can overcome this.

Projectors: trying to DO more than you have energetically available in order to please other people – pushing yourself to do more and more, and not knowing when enough is enough. (leading to burnout, bitterness & resentment).

Solution: Understand that you aren’t designed to work the same way as the sacral types (generators and manifesting generators). Honour your need to rest as a pivotal part of your energetic cycle.

Manifestors: feeling like you need to “ask permission” to proceed with your big vision and dreams, or giving your initiating power away and behaving like other types by responding to what others want instead of initiating something new. (leading to feelings of powerlessness, feeling restless, restricted or angry)

Solution: Understand that you’re not meant to ask for permission, but simply to inform those who will be impacted by your decision before moving ahead. You are meant to be the start of something new that others may not understand yet.

Manifesting Generators: forcing yourself to stick to commitments that no longer excite you, because you said you would (even though this benefits no one) or trying to focus on only ONE thing because that’s what you think you “should” do. (leading to loss of passion, feeling drained and uninspired)

Solution: Give yourself permission to move on from something if it no longer excites you. Understand you are designed to be multipassionate and to explore your many different interests – this will make you the happiest version of yourself.

Generators: saying yes to everything that is asked of you without first checking in with your sacral gut-response to see if it’s something you actually WANT to do. You might have trouble saying no because you know that technically you COULD do it all. (leading to functional burnout and a lack of clarity on what actually lights you up)

Solution: Understand you are not meant to only “do” for other people, but to also have work and activities that light you up, which in turn generates energy for the entire Collective.

Reflectors: trying to rush your decision-making process to suit someone else’s timeline, or staying in spaces where you don’t feel good because you don’t want to upset anyone. This could be a specific environment or around certain people. (leading to disappointment, feeling uncomfortable or like they don’t have a voice).

Solution: Give yourself permission to take your time in making decisions, especially big ones by following the lunar cycle. Always honour your sensitive energy by leaving spaces or people where you feel uncomfortable.

And if you are looking for more support in understanding your human design, check out my different offerings to see how I could assist you wherever you’re at in your human design journey.

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