3 types of projectors

Three Categories of Projectors

Calling all projectors! (That’s me! ?)

Did you know that there’s actually three different categories of projectors?

I didn’t discover this until I dove pretty far into my human design journey, and when I did I found the language around it confusing, so I’ve created some visuals for you that will help you get clear on exactly what type of projector you are!

Classic Projector: You are a CLASSIC projector (also called a non-energy projector) if you have NO motor centers defined in your chart. (Definition = the centers are coloured in). You would have some combination of your head, ajna, throat, spleen, or G Center defined (the centers circled in the image below). With your lack of defined motor centers, you have the gift of instant clarity. You will know which people fuel you and which ones drain you.


Mental Projector: You are a mental projector if you have two or three of the top three centers defined but no definition below the throat. This type of projector is quite rare. As a mental projector, you are likely to be a lifelong learner and are meant to share your specific point of view, opinions and findings with the world. Environment is very important for you as this is how you receive guidance on decision-making through its open centers.


Energy Projector: You are an energy projector if you have one or more motor centers defined (either your heart, emotional solar plexus or root). This means you have access to more drive than a classic projector, but are most at risk for burnout because you feel able to “keep up” with the Sacral beings of the world (Manifesting Generators and Generators). For energy projectors, its extra important to really pay attention to your authority and make sure you are only accepting invitations that feel right to you.


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