How I run my business as a projector mom working only six hours a week

Projector mom

Effective Time Management for a Projector Mom A trend I have been noticing among my clients as of late is how to manage their time in a way that’s effective for them, while still also honouring the ebbs and flows of their energy. And as a projector mom with two kids often home with me, […]

Five tips to help in your deconditioning journey

I was on a client call the other day, with someone who reminded me a lot of myself when I was first learning about human design. She knew she was out of alignment in a lot of areas in her life, because she had been conditioned to act against her natural energy and design. The […]

Letting go of people pleasing by human design type

I’ve noticed a trend lately among my clients, no matter their type. ​ Many of them struggle with people pleasing. ​ ❌Saying yes to things they don’t really want to do. ​ ❌Feeling guilty or bad about enforcing/setting boundaries. ​ ❌Feeling that they need to DO more to be worthy. ​ Since it’s become so […]