Human Design and Business Starter Kit

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Let’s change the way we’ve been doing business…

And forget about the “traditional” way that requires grinding, hustling, and working 14 hours a day.

The Human Design Starter Kit could be for you if:

☑️Want to do marketing that is authentic to you, feels fun & easy, and ultimately converts into sales
☑️ Want to feel excited and energized by the work you’re doing again
☑️ Want to feel confident in what you’re doing in business
☑️ Want to ENJOY the flexibility and freedom of time, location & finances


I’ve been analyzing the top areas that clients have needed the most support when it comes to integrating their human design into their business, and I’ve noticed there were three key areas that stood out:

  • How to feel confident in the decisions you’re making in business
  • Marketing in a way that feels fun and aligns with your natural strengths and gifts
  • Setting up your days to align with your energy and feel excited by your work

So I’m packaging up exactly what I have focused on with my 1:1 clients into a low cost starter kit that will take you through exactly how to do this.